Reflections from DevOps Professionals on National Coming Out Day

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On this episode of The DroidDevCast, Esper Content Marketing Manager Rin Oliver is joined by Buzzfeed Staff Software Engineer Liz Frost, Sysdig Chief Open Source Officer Kris Nova, Zillow Engineering Manager Joe Engel, and Esper Enterprise Account Executive Oscar Leon to discuss National Coming Out Day, how today’s businesses can support their LGBTQIAP+ employees, and much more.

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Please note, the experiences and viewpoints shared in this video are individual perspectives, and they may not be representative of the panelist’s employers.

Coming Out: A Journey of Self Discovery

“National Coming Out day is mostly about being visible,” says Nova. “I see it as an opportunity to make coming out something that feels real as opposed to just some abstract concept.”

“There was a point in my life where every morning I woke up and I wasn’t myself and then I came out and it changed my life,” says Engal. Coming out was…


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