JMeter 5.2 is Released !!!

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JMeter 5.2 has been released!

Apache has released it’s newer version of JMeter recently on 6 Nov 2019 with new features, many enhancements & bug fixes.

There are a lot of changes in the latest JMeter release including product improvements and bug fixes compared with the previous version of JMeter 5.1.

Whats new in JMeter5.2?

1.New Protocol:

New Sampler ‘Bolt Request’ and new config element ‘Bolt Connection Configuration’ are added in JMeter 5.2 to make performance testing of the databases with Bolt protocol.

The protocol is statement oriented, allowing a client to send statements, each consisting of a single string and a set of typed parameters. The server responds to each request with a result message and an optional stream of result records.

Firstly You need to enter the connection information like URL, Username and Password to your neo4j database.

JMeter 5.2

On the ‘Bolt Request’ tab you can configure query’s parameters and select True/False…


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