Esper teams up with Siyata Mobile to scale deployment of mission-critical device fleets for frontline workers

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I’m thrilled to announce that Esper has formed a strategic partnership with Siyata Mobile to streamline the management and security of large fleets of SD7 handsets for public safety teams. 

Siyata’s SD7 is built for frontline workers, where push-to-talk functionality is much faster than a standard touchscreen. Siyata will embed Esper software into SD7 handsets running a custom version of the Android operating system. The combined offering unlocks new functionality that was not previously possible, including streamlined device onboarding and provisioning as well as device customization while in the field. When Siyata’s SD7 is combined with Esper’s Enhanced Android Operating System, it’s a ready-made and FirstNet-certified answer for police, fire, and EMTs.

The promise of this new partnership is seen in the market for communication devices used by enterprise customers as well as public safety organizations like police and fire departments. The nature of this…


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