Esper Release Notes – DevRel 69

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In DevRel 69, usability and code improvements were the main focus. Along with the code improvements, we have added sorting capability and additional functionalities. Here is a list of what’s new:

  • Ability to switch between Kiosk mode and Multi-App mode at the group level
  • Ability to disable the navigation bar on Samsung devices
  • Added sorting capability for device details

Ability to Switch Between Kiosk Mode and Multi-App Mode at the Group Level

You can now switch multiple devices between Kiosk and Multi-App mode by applying the setting for a Group, rather than at an individual device level.

Ability to Disable the Navigation Bar on Samsung Devices

We have added a command to hide/disable the navigation bar (the bottom bar, containing home, back, and recent buttons) on Samsung devices having Knox API. Please contact the Esper team to learn more about this feature. 

Added Sorting Capability for Device Details

You can now sort various attributes of the device….


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