Don’t blame COVID: Your restaurant still needs a digital transformation plan

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There has never been a harder time to operate a restaurant. The global pandemic forced the permanent closure of 10 percent of all U.S. restaurants, and those that remain must navigate a tricky new world filled with fewer workers, rising prices, and quickly changing consumer behavior. 

Thankfully, necessity remains the mother of invention, and a number of technologies are coming to market that can help restaurants of any size adapt and thrive through the “new” normal. Here’s a look at three of the most pressing issues restaurants face today — and some of the technology rising up to ease those burdens. 

A rapidly changing labor market demands resiliency

Talk to any restaurant operator and they’ll tell you finding and retaining labor is the most critical challenge for their business. A recent National Restaurant Association survey found that

“72% of restaurant operators said recruiting and retaining employees was their top operational challenge.” That…


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