All About Google Zero-touch Enrolment on Esper

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There are many reasons Esper stands out from the crowd of device management platforms. One of the differentiators we’re most proud of is how easy it is to enroll devices onto our platform through the several provisioning methods we support. Along with supporting traditional provisioning methods like the Android-for-Work and the 6-Tap QR Code, our clients can use the Google Zero-touch Enrollment (ZTE) method for provisioning device fleets onto the Esper platform. 

Traditional provisioning methods need IT admin intervention to onboard a device. For example, when using the 6-Tap QR code method, you need to scan the QR code on the device to start provisioning. Similarly, with the Android-for-Work method, the afw#esper account needs to be specified in order to enroll a device. The Zero-touch Enrollment method is a fuss-free method as the configurations can be pre-provisioned into the portal and applied to the device as it boots. 

Although initially designed for corporate…


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