A Tour of the Many Android Provisioning Options Available on Esper

1 Year Subscription

Behind Android’s power can be complexity, but also flexibility. A great example – the process of provisioning Android-based devices onto the Esper platform. Enrollment puts the devices in a state where Esper can manage them. There are many ways to enroll Android devices, but a given device will have a scoped set of options driven by the Android OS version and flavor (e.g. GMS versus AOSP) as well as supported hardware.

Since there are so many ways to provision onto Esper, let’s take a tour together! Feel free to jump to any particular method from below:


6 Tap QR Code

Android for Work

Google Zero-Touch Enrollment

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Esper Device Provisioner


Manual Installation

Other Enrollment Considerations

Android Enterprise

Google Services

Device-Specific Setup



Google Play Protect

Knox License Activation


In the perfect situation you are able to ship devices directly…


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